About Us

Brookbound Design is the progressive development of my original company Brook Bound Nursery. For the past 20 years Brook Bound Nursery has been servicing North Central Mass. and southern NH with a full service garden center and retail nursery. Prior to opening our garden center in Westminster back in 1988, I did all the landscape design for my husband's firm, Landscaping By Anderson, Inc.

My formal education is a BFA in design from Syracuse University. As with all things, time brings about change and over the last 20 plus years I have found that I am more and more drawn to the satisfaction of a design that has sustainability over the life of the landscape.

Across the United States there are countless examples of great landscape design, achieved both by Mother Nature and by man's hand. I have been fortunate to take in some of these spectacles and have found that the information gained from these sites are invaluable in the field of design. Life in the New England climate, can be a hard one both on people and on plants.

"Joan helped us take what had been an un-inspiring tri-angular rotary lining median, redesign it around a brick crosswalk and focus a garden around a subtle and classy signage area. It now draws admiring glances as drivers approach the rotary. She created an easy to maintain mix of low shrubs and grass, which are as glowing in color in the fall as they are in evolving from spring phlox to summer roses."
Scott D. Gile, CIC, VP

The microclimates that are common in different parts of this region make every design a new and challenging experience. Whether you are on one of the many beautiful lakes in this area, or on a blustery hillside, there are so many different ways to handle each site. By taking the time and gathering the information necessary to design the site properly, keeping in mind not only the physical conditions of the site itself, but also the wishes of the client are crucial in each designs success.

A landscape design is as different as each of the people who live with it. The key to success is planning with all the information you have at hand and giving the client something THEY can live with and enjoy.